At first, the cPanel control panel was developed to meet the needs of web hosts offering Linux hosting.

It allowed customers to manage different elements of their hosting service, such as their FTP credentials as well as their FTP accounts. Unlike many other admin panels, cPanel has been able to demonstrate scalability and performance since its launch in 1997.

Most hosts offer their users a control panel. This is the interface you use to manage your hosting services, account, and server functions, all in one place. It makes it easy to manage domain names, email addresses, backups, and more.

cPanel Hosting Chandigarh like any other cPanel is one of the most popular control panel choices because it makes managing your website easier. It comes with tons of tools, and most importantly for your peace of mind, it’s extremely reliable.

In addition to being easy to use, it makes it much easier to switch from one web host to another. Nevertheless, a large number of hosts offer different control panels, some of which are homemade.

What is cPanel?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced webmaster, your hosting account’s control panel is the key to a smooth and simple experience. cPanel has become almost the benchmark in the industry.

cPanel is an online graphical interface for web hosting, designed to simplify the administration of websites. With a point-and-click interface, it lets you easily perform the most common tasks on your site. You can configure your email accounts, create databases and backups, install software, etc.

The software is distributed and owned by cPanel Inc. It is designed for use by web hosting providers and requires monthly license fees. It is considered the most used administration interface by web servers.

Big benefits for web hosts using cPanel

Web hosts have benefited a lot from the arrival of cPanel.

  • They can distribute generic help documentation without having to develop it in-house.
  • Customers are more comfortable moving from one host with cPanel to another.
  • Thanks to its reliability, cPanel prevents web hosting customers from doing anything risky or prohibited.
  • WHM and cPanel can work together, so the host can combine the two on web hosting accounts. This provides users with a consistent experience.
  • WHM can also offer easy management of multiple client sites while providing a user-friendly cPanel back-end.
  • WHM and cPanel are secure if well managed.

cPanel is the favorite of webmasters

Webmasters choose cPanel for the following reasons:

  • It is very user-friendly icon-based and easily navigable.
  • The experience is the same on almost all hosts
  • Technical tasks have a very simple GUI
  • Built-in help prevents you from doing anything that could potentially harm your site
  • You spend more time developing your website rather than wasting your time on admin tasks
  • cPanel is able to do a lot of things you wouldn’t expect

The main cPanel hosting account features to look for are:

  • Unlimited resources such as email accounts, databases, disk space, and bandwidth
  • Managing and creating MySQL databases
  • Built-in site builders
  • One-click installation via Softaculous.

cPanel Chandigarh the Best cPanel Host

Here are the main configurations offered by cPanel Hosting in Chandigarh:

  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • World control panel and cPanel offered for free
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free inbound migration of your data
  • With cPanel Chandigarh low-cost cPanel hosting, managing your website will be much easier than anywhere else.

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